My Team

Rondalph S. Taylor, MD

Medical Education Director

He is a graduate of Columbia University’s School of Medicine and a Board Certified Medical Room Physician and worked at Columbia Presbyterian, Montefiore and Jacobi Hospital/Medical Centers. As a father and fitness enthusiast, Dr. Taylor understands and encourages the importance and necessity of maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. He encourages all of his patients to take a preventative and proactive stance with their health

Heather Jean Anderson, MS, RD

Nutritional Education Director

She is a Registered Dietician with the American Dietetic Association. She holds a BS in Communications from Boston University’s College of Communication and a MS in Nutrition from Stony Brook University’s School of Health Care Technology and Management. As an ACE and AFAA certified fitness professional, Heather has been teaching and training clients in the New York area since 1999. For over thirteen years, she has been sharing her experience, passion and expertise in movement, management and nutrition with fitness professionals

Melissa Montemale

Educational Consultant & Editor For QFLC

She is a graduate of Hofstra University where she earned a B.A. in English. As the Business Manager of QFLC, Melissa has the opportunity to combine her passion for writing and enthusiasm for fitness. She is AFAA certified and currently teaches for Synergy health club and other independent fitness studios.

Emily Lebowitz

Educational Consultant

She received her BA from Clark University, and will be graduating from Lesley University this coming spring with a masters in Mental Health Counseling and Dance Therapy. She believes that the mind and body are fully connected, and movement (of all kinds!) and the arts can help heal & integrate all aspects of a person's life. Currently, Emily is working in two different mental health facilities, using movement to inspire emotional change and growth.

Jolene Taylor

Social Media Marketing Manager

A graduate of Hofstra University, Jolene majored in Marketing and graduated Magna Cum Laude. Her appreciation for visual communications and work experience in advertising has helped her develop a keen eye and love for these fields. While attending Hofstra, Jolene worked as a front desk and child care representative at New York Sports Club, where interacting with club members on a daily basis helped her realize how fitness can positively change a person’s day. Noticing this effect on her members and co-workers, Jolene has since been passionate about communicating the ways in which fitness can be a part of everyone’s life and hopes to help others by building awareness on the positive effect that fitness can have on their lives.