We also offer Personal Training, Personal Enrichment Coaching, 1 & Small Group Training.
We meet with all of our clients for an Initial 30-minute consultation to help you identify your fitness goals.

Dance Fitness

We offer a proprietary dance fitness method that can be integrated into any environment. Our program is based on sound human movement science and dance principles.

Hip Hop & Mo'

This class will teach you easy, fun and exciting fitness based choreography that will have you moving like you belong in the next MTV video of the week!

Sexy flow

Fluid dance moves and styles based in jazz, ballet, lyrical and hip-hop. That will make you feel young, sexy and energized.

Dance Party Fit Camp ©

"all of our movement has a meaning!"

  • Level 1 - Orientation: This class will teach participants 12 basic and foundational movements of the Q-FIT Dance Fitness Method. The camp last for 12 weeks and is required for all who wish to participate in the DPFC program.
  • Level 2 - Day Camp: The camp last for 24 weeks. We continue to reinforce the foundational movements while we increase or blocks of choreography. We also begin to explore musicality, spatial and body awareness.
  • Level 3 - *Sleep Away Camp: The camp last for 36 weeks. Our understanding of the foundational movement is now second nature and will allow us to take our movement up a notch. In other words, this is when we start to DANZ! We will leap and jump and add in choreography that will involve floor work, and dynamic movement.
    *(does not require a sleepover)
  • Level 4 - International Camp: The camp last for 24 weeks. Musical genres, rhythm, musicality and body awareness are the focal points of this camp.



Pilates and yoga inspired class


This class helps participants go inside themselves to find their inner strength and bring to the surface. We do this through the breath, flexibility exercises and deep strength based movement that will feel you feeling ready to take on what comes in your way. This is a very restorative class.

5,6,7 Stretch

This is a flexibility class for the dancer you are or want to be.


Tantric Inspired Dance



Designed for both the walker who wants to become a jogger or the jogger that wants to increase endurance and technique, this program will have you ready to do a 5K in 6 to 12 weeks.

BITT – Body In Transition Training

Our goal is to have you look in the mirror daily and be happy and proud of the body you are in. (If you already do, well, you will simply love yourself even more!) This isn't a warm and fuzzy touchy-feely class will be working your tails off. However, we will apply safe, sound and proven exercise, dance and flexibility techniques. This program will enable you to improve your strength, move more efficiently and burn more calories. We will discuss everything from the food you put in your mouth to nourish your body to the clothes you choose to wear and more.



Nourish your Mind! A healthy lifestyle starts with healthy thinking. These workshops will examine the emotional side of eating, as well as teach healthy living skills and habits. Created and taught By Heather J. Anderson, RD