(Super Hard Working Energy Required + Knowledge)

Shwerk PhotoAs the founder of Shwerk!, I wanted to create a warm environment where people that are excited about dance and fitness could come together for great causes.

Today, I have been lucky enough to share my passion with other individuals that love dance and fitness and formed Shwerk, a dance fitness troupe. Our goal is to inspire people of all ages and fitness levels to make exercise a part of their lives.

We Aspire To Inspire You!

So how did we come up with that name?

During rehearsals, we realized how much hard work, energy and knowledge it took to come together and perform a succinct routine. So we came up with words of encouragement to keep each other motivated. We often cheered each other on by shouting phrases like “Shwerk it” and “You better “Shwerk!”. The term has morphed into the troupe’s cheer and is the true embodiment of the joy, sweat and fun we have as a dance troupe.

Shwerk Photo2Our performance fundraising events and fitness-based community initiatives raise money for groups like the American Cancer Society and the American Heart Association. We aspire to educate communities on disease prevention through the benefits of exercise and healthy lifestyle choices.

If you want to become a part of Shwerk! or learn how you can support our troupe, please contact me.


Qamilyan Fitness & Lifestyle Consulting

(pronounced Kah-Me-Li-yan)

I founded QFLC with the goal of building a team of professionals that are passionate about taking a proactive approach to healthcare and inspiring others to integrate healthier habits into their lifestyles.

Not only do we work with fitness companies and professionals to create successful fitness brands, we also help our clients to create a unique experience for the individuals that seek out their services to lead a healthier lifestyle. We strive to achieve this through a seamless integration of our health and fitness business solutions, seminars, classes, events and programs.


Throughout the year, I love to organize workshops with my team and also attend fitness conferences to improve my training skills.

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New events will be added when they are confirmed.


The Workshop

Being a FITMOMMIE! is a way of life. A Mother's job is never done, so it is imperative that she takes care of her self at all cost.

The QFLC Team has created a workshop for pre/post natal clients and family. This proprietary workshop includes new facts and the most up to date ACOG/ACSM guidelines about exercising before during and after pregnancy. In this interactive workshop you will learn specific exercises, choreography, nutritional guidelines and medical risk & benefits from medical and fitness professionals with hands on experience in the pre/post natal field. This workshop will inspire and motivate your client to be fit for labor & and your new journey into motherhood.

*This program can be taught in the following formats:

  • 60 minute workout (good for health clubs, yoga, dance studios)
  • 60 minute lecture (good for health clubs, yoga, dance studios, colleges, health fairs)
  • 4 hour workshop (good for health clubs, yoga, dance studios, colleges, health fairs, conferences)
  • 16 hour continuing education course (good for health clubs, yoga, dance studios, colleges, health fairs, conferences)

Please contact me to learn more!

Love The Body You're In


LTBYI PhotoL.T.B.Y.I. is a proprietary mind and body training program of Qameliyan Fitness and Lifestyle Consulting (QFLC). This program focuses on fitness from the inside out. I strongly believe that once you make the mental commitment to improving your health, fitness level and quality of life, your body will follow! I encourage you to accept the body you are currently in and will work with you to create a road map to the mindset and body you truly desire.

The L.T.B.Y.I. program is composed of 6 modules that will keep you focused on your journey and goals. This program is NOT about destination training and reaching a final goal weight. This program is so much more. It is about having a coach who will create a road map that will stay with you throughout your journey.

Start with the body you are in today and learn to love every step of your journey. Commit to this mantra and we at QFLC will commit to getting you to the place you see for yourself in the future.

To begin your program, please contact me.